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Is upskilling necessary

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Blog

‘When technology needs upgrade, even humans need to upskill’

What is Upskilling & Reskilling?

Upskilling and Reskilling is teaching and training your employees’ new skills to perform their job with better efficiency or to teach and train the same employee to do different jobs efficiently at the same time. It improves employee’s engagement and helps them perform better. With the developing technology, it is important to upskill your employees, which helps the company to bridge the technology gap.

Why is Upskilling & Reskilling important?

During this crisis, we all know how the Covid 19 pandemic have affected the economic scenario. Many companies are struggling to stay afloat in the market and we have witnessed an increase in the number of laid-off employees and high unemployment rates. On 18th May Uber Technologies eliminated an additional 3000 jobs in India, the Company is closing dozens of offices around the world and is shutting down many of its side projects, Lyft laid off 982 employees, Healthcare startup Cure.fit has also laid off 10% of its employees, TripAdvisor had said it was going reducing staff by 900 employees, as the coronavirus pandemic hammers the travel industry on April 28, 2020. However, in a time when even major industries cannot afford to hire new talent, it is crucial to invest in a workforce that is adaptable to market changes.

No one has control over the future and we do not know how the company’s goals are going to be affected, hence it becomes very important to invest in the development skills of your working employees. It improves employee engagement, increases their morale and they perform better which in turn benefits the company.

Uncertainty is a significant word that every individual will need to comprehend. The world we live in today has demonstrated how uncertainty is becoming a norm. In this uncertain world it becomes important to train your employees to learn new skills and also update their skills which will help them to become adaptable to change. It also helps to retain your employees.

How can you Upskill & Reskill your employees?

Analyse and strategize the functioning of your company, set goals for each department, appoint the right employees, who are adaptable to change and are ready to learn and get trained to various jobs in the company. Appoint trainers to train your employees in every department and at every level of hierarchy. Arrange training sessions for developing their technical skills, soft skills, communication skills. Arrange webinars and seminars for employees that will enhance their knowledge

With the Pandemic taking over the world, it has become inevitable for any company to invest in upskilling & reskilling of its employees, which in turn will benefit the business of the company and yield high returns.

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